Here is an example of a single day tour in the Judean Desert. For Tailor Made tours in Israel, contact me.

First Example – The more traditional single – day tour to Judea Desert and the Dead Sea: 

We will start at your hotel, picking you up with my 4X4 luxurious off road Limousin. Our first location will be Olive Mount in Jerusalem, with a fantastic panoramic view of the Judean Desert. Driving the desert is a great experience, and we will head to visit Jaber Mountar

Few hours offroading where were going to visit Jaber Muntar and view a hidden monastery in the middle of the desert: Mar Saba Monastery.

Driving through the harsh terrain we will cross a Bedouin camp, and after a break, we will head down to the Dead Sea, where we’ll grab lunch, and deep into the world’s most famous therapeutic water.

At the end of the day I will drive back to the hotel.

Another example for a day is in the Judean hills, is a good example for how versatile Israel and this area is, from the bible time until today. From the valleys David and Goliath fight to modern armory museum.

This day will be customized by the client need (kids, religious beliefs archaeology and other fields of interest) and it will include the Armed Vehicle Museum, the Stalactite cave and Beit Govrin.

We will travel off road following the many springs around Jerusalem, the battle ground of the 1948 war, archaeological sites from the Old and New Testament.

It will become clear to us how this unique terrain took shape, and still do until today our modern society.

Do you like Wine Tours? 

Let us not forget the rejuvenating wine land as it was a known all through the ancient world for wine quality. Today more and more boutique wineries are getting recognized by leading wine experts like Robert parker. Award winning Boutique wineris are found all over Israel,a tiny country but vast terroir.

In the past years I have became an expert in Israeli wines. last year I’ve finished the one year course in the Sorek winery. According to the clients demand and pallet we will fit the best winery for our needs.

Be my guest. Relax and let me do what I do best.
For more information about my Tailor Made tours, feel free to contact me. 
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