Best Guided Jewish Group Tours To Israel

From the old times of Abraham, Issac and Jacob to the new times of modern Israel.

From Jewish mysticism to the Kotel (Wailing Wall), Israel holds an incredible wealth of history and culture, joy and sorrow, knowledge and experience for those exploring Jewish thought in both past and present. I will combine your fields of interest and give you the most interesting, fun and educative tour in the Holy Land. 

If you are interested in Kabala, Jewish mysticism, we can go on a tour that includes a visit to the tomb of Rashbi, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai, who not only founded the ideology, but also wrote the Book of Zohar. We can also visit Safed, the international capital of Kabala and the only city in the world where Jewish life has continued uninterrupted through the ages.

A trip to Jerusalem is imperative. While there, you can visit the Jewish Quarter, the Kotel, the Holocaust Museum at “Yad Vashem,” Mount Hertzel, or roam the trenches of the Jordanian Army base on Ammunition Hill where a fierce battle to liberate Jerusalem was fought in 1967. From there. we may take a drive through Capitol Hill to see the Kenesset,  Israel’s Parliament building.

The options are endless, and I will happily be your guide through all that my homeland has to offer you! Contact Ori Stern for Jewish Tours to Israel details!

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