About Me

My name is Ori Stern – a professional private tour guide in Israel, with more than ten years of experience.

I am a real “Sabra” with a master’s degree in Israel Studies. Needless to say, I am an expert of anything Israelite, and your best bet to a successful off-road Israel tour.

I was born in Israel and, after traveling this beautiful country for years, all the roads, paths, and sights are second nature to me. I am a friendly, personable, courteous, helpful, and patient family man with an intense desire for customer satisfaction. I do this out of passion – so you should expect a fun and comprehensive tour.

I specialize in tailor-made Israel private tours as well as exclusive wine and culinary adventures. I stock a brand-new state-of-the-art Land Rover Discovery with a six-passenger capacity. This off-road limousine is designed to give you and your loved ones a comfortable ride on the bumpiest of roads

Ori sits on a rock with a rainbow behind

Tailor Made Tours to Suite You

Every client has a different time frame, and a different budget. My job is to find you the most suitable “Tailor Made” Israeli tour. I think out of the box, and I mix old and new. Bible and technology, Just like Israel itself.

Are you willing to play different?

I try as much as possible to cover alternative routes and destinations that you will not find in other agencies’ itineraries. Israel is a fantastic country with endless opportunities. It is home to a myriad of beautiful boutique wineries that offer high-quality wine options.

My on and off road luxurious 4X4 tour, will take you everywhere in Israel, with style and comfort. Just bring a camera, lay back and relax in a comfortable seat, take a sip of fine wine and see the holy land in a whole different angle.

I will use my qualifications from a year at the Sorek Winery to determine which winery will best suit your demands and pallet

A luxurious Jeep and Marsaba monastery in the back

Have a Question?

Do not hesitate, contact me for any questions or requests

Tours in Israel

Israel is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on earth, combining old and new. Here are a few suggested ideas for costume made specialized tours I offer. Looking for something different? Contact me and let me plan your adventure to Israel!

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